LIFE – Living Inspired Free Enthusiastic

Life is beautiful. Life is challenging. Life is simple. Life is complicated. Things are a part of life, but life is not about things.  Life is filled with emotions, but emotions are not the sum of life.  In life we have desires and plans but our desires and plans are not what make life livable.  Life can be filled with horrendous pain. But pain and sorrow do not define life. Life is complex and intricate.  It is not always easy to understand and not always easy to endure.  Yet, life is livable if it is an exercise that is inspired, free, and enthusiastic.

Publishing this blog is a LIFE exercise for me. I am learning new skills and putting myself out there for the entire world to see. I am fulfilling my purpose to live with understanding and maximize our ability to do the same. As I connect with other bloggers, I am growing in my understanding of the value of Black women to this country called the United States of America and the world. I am growing in my understanding that Black women need each other, depend on each other, are motivated by each other and inspired by each other. Everyday we engage each other, support and push each other to Live Inspired Free Enthusiastic. Let following this blog be a LIFE exercise for you. Leave your comments and suggestions so that we can all grow in our understanding of LIFE. Let’s come together and be inspired to live free with an enthusiasm that makes others want to live free and enthusiastic. Let your ideas come to LIFE! Let your actions reflect LIFE! Let your voice speak words of LIFE!  Live LIFE!

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