Book Review

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Many of us are stuck.  We know that life is more than our daily activities.  We hope for better days, more money and someone to love us.  We wish that we could do something to expand our lives in a way that allows us to experience our highest hopes and dreams.  There is always something holding us back.  We have bills to pay.  We have children to raise.  We have obligations to fulfill.  We are tied to this life we are presently living and the best we can do is hop along towards excellence in our work and our relationships.

In The Big Leap, author Gay Hendricks challenges the reader to become aware of the hidden beliefs that are the foundation of our self-imposed limitations on life.  The Big Leap helps the reader to identify the “Upper Limit Problem,” that self-constructed glass ceiling that human beings use to keep us living in our comfort zone and keep us from living in our “Zone of Genius.”  In The Big Leap, the reader will discover the steps to awareness of the hidden barriers of life.  Then the reader is guided through exercises that dissolve those barriers.  The reader is invited to “wonder about” specific questions that open the mind to discover that just as the limits placed on our lives are placed there by us, we have the power to take those limits off.  This book is a wonderful read for anyone sensing that their purpose is calling.  Move into your “Zone of Genius.”  Learn how to stop hoping and start leaping.

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