Let’s Eat Better

Our body, soul and spirit all need nourishment. Often it appears that in our search for enlightenment and spiritual growth we forget about our bodies. I dare say that in some circles the physical body is just something we endure until the day we are able to leave it behind for a higher plane.

Poppycock! The human body is a magnificent creation and we must give it the care it deserved. I am pleased to see that during our time in this pandemic many people are beginning to take their health more seriously. I too am paying close attention to how I treat my body, including what I put in it. So, starting with this entry I will highlight some food items that have enhanced my quest for better eating while meeting my desire to eat what tastes good.

We Vegan Eats is a vegan bakery located in Tampa, Florida. Fortunately for those of us outside the Tampa area they ship their goods. Last week I received my first order, a cookie sampler box. It arrived earlier than expected and I was excited to burst it open and begin my cookie sampling journey. I think cookies are grand and these did not disappoint.

The box consisted of two of each cookie – red velvet, oatmeal raisin, chocolate chunk, double chocolate chunk, sugar, peanut butter chocolate chunk and snickerdoodle. Each cookie is a nice size, suitable for sharing if you wish. They are reasonably priced at $25.00 per box plus shipping.

According to the ingredient sheet they use applesauce and plant based butter as substitutes for eggs and dairy butter. There is no soy and they even have gluten free options. All I know is that these cookies are delicious and I did not miss the eggs or the butter. My favorites were the red velvet, the chocolate chunk and the snickerdoodle. Each cookie is moist with an almost cake like texture. The flavors linger in your mouth even after the last bite. The cinnamon and suger on the snickerdoodle make it a wonderful compliment to a cup of coffee or tea.

If you have a sweet tooth or simply love cookies as I do. Check out We Vegan Eats. I was more than satisfied and think you will be too.


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